We are CSC Workwear.

Bringing Workwear into the 21st Century


With many features, additions and updates not currently offered by other coveralls on the market

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Integrating industry leading fabrics and materials with superior Flame Resistance and Arc Resistant Ratings

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An Industry FIRST. Easily detachable coverall bottom to simplify both ladies and men’s bathroom breaks while in the field and on the go.

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Distinguishing Features.

  1. Specifically designed styles for WOMEN and MEN to better fit each gender and their unique body shapes
  2. Comfortable, Breathable fabric with dual-hazard fire and electric arc protection
  3. Sized simpler with XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and Tall. Ladies and Men's
  4. Reflective striping sewn to accommodate both front and rear company logos
  5. Updated and more comfortable flight suit collar
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Who we are.

My name is Keith Shingleton, along with my partners Dwayne and Darren Gauthier and an amazing team of friends, family, associates, government associations and companies helping us along the way, we have created CSC Workwear.

We have been friends and colleagues many times, throughout the past 15 years proudly living & working in Red Deer, Alberta. In 2014 we decided to start on the journey of offering the most innovative and quality driven women’s and men’s work wear in the industry.

We also offer Company/Volume pricing and available for questions anytime, Just call us @403.877.8444.

With many years of Oilfield and Trade Experience, we know first-hand the difficulty in finding a really great pair of coverallsthat can be worn on a daily basis, for long hours, and ESPECIALLY ones that are Comfortable, Safe and Convenient for the industries of today.

Industry has advanced incredibly throughout the years, however it seems as though we've settled for very little change in our most essential piece of Safety apparel. We decided to change that by bringing Workwear into the 21st Century.

How we did it

  1. We designed a line specifically sized to fit women
  2. We added patent pending features never before seen in coveralls, including
    1. Removable shoulder and knee pad options
    2. A detachable tool pocket to allow customization depending on the industry
  3. We teamed up with FireZero, offering a fabric that is second to none and a finished garment that is UL certified. We also include innovative features in all of our coveralls such as FireZero Bug Guard and FireZero Shield, to help protect you from bugs and, water and dirt.
  4. We are not in the business of selling Coveralls or Workwear, but we are extremely passionate about offering Comfort, Safety and Convenience to every Man and Women in an industry or trade.

What the future looks like for CSC Workwear

Innovation is something that has lacked for many years in the FR and Non FR work wear industry, we want to continue to change that.

With our patent pending Coveralls we have actually created a system rather then a one piece of workwear that down the road will not only save you or your company money but allow you to have the most customized workwear in the world.

We have been working non-stop on over the last couple years and are excited for the future and what we will be offering. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to find out what we have come up with going forward.

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Bringing coveralls into the 21st century

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